Cosy and warm

Our saunas and quiet areas: where doing nothing becomes art.

A visit to the sauna at the Mitlechnerhof not only promises relaxation, but also a workout for your circulatory system and a good pampering for the skin. After a refreshing cool-down from the ice fountain or the mist and theme shower, you'll feel like a new person. Just right for when the mountain calls you again tomorrow. You can´t help dreaming of your next hike while enjoying the views from the quiet room.

Finnish sauna
The traditional option

The Finnish sauna works its magic at a temperature of about 90°C. The dry air heats up nicely and soon brings tiny beads of sweat to the skin. As a result, it not only contributes to the detoxification and purification of the body but also stimulates circulation and blood flow.

Turkish bath
Gentle sweating at 45°C

In the steam sauna, you can expect a special form of sauna experience with very high humidity. The dense mist of water vapour laced with essential oils not only clears the respiratory tract, but also the mind.

Infrared chair
Seated, deep relaxation

The infrared chairs offer gentle warmth that penetrates deep into the muscles, relieves tension and stimulates blood circulation and the metabolism. It wraps the body in a cosy feeling and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed.

Quiet room
Lying where your mind roams free

Snuggled up in the Mitlechnerhof bathrobe, make yourself comfortable on relaxation loungers in the relaxation room. Plans for the next mountain adventure are already being made. No wonder, with those views!

Instant relaxation