A pool full of pleasure

Happy as a fish in water.

No matter whether you want to do your laps in peace and quiet early in the morning or are looking to cool off after your hiking tour: The panoramic indoor pool revitalises your spirits and the pleasantly warm whirlpool is the best cure for tired muscles. Enjoy the soothing massage and the bubbling sound of the water. On warm, sunny days, the loungers in the garden invite you to doze.

What could be nicer than gazing out over the mountains from the edge of the pool? In summer the glass front stays open and you feel like you are in the open air.

From inside out

The panoramic indoor swimming pool has direct access to the garden, where sun worshippers and those seeking peace and quiet can find a place to retreat. In the summer months, the glass front is open to the lawn. In the cooler season you can enjoy the clear views of the mountains, while the first flower buds sprout outside or falling leaves usher in autumn.

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