Grüß Gott and welcome to Schenna

A diverse holiday destination welcomes you.

Even the Schenna welcome at the entrance to the village gives you an idea: this will be the start of a holiday resort rich in tradition, with plenty of sun and blossoming nature. Situated on the sunny plateau above Meran, Schenna is one of South Tyrol's most scenic holiday backdrops. This reaches from the city walls of the spa town of Meran up to the summit crosses on the Hirzer and Ifinger at almost 2,800 metres.

Schenna is a village that upholds its traditions. This is particularly evident during various parades, concerts and festivals. Experience the rural charm close to the city!

Early spring, longer summer

Spring arrives earlier in Schenna than elsewhere. While many a white peak can still be seen in the distance, the most beautiful colours bloom around the house. From March onwards, you can experience the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle in their springtime explosion of colours and go on hiking and cycling tours through the apple blossom. The temperatures in Schenna remain mild in summer until late autumn and the sun shines all day.

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