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You can enjoy excursions and day trips all year round in Schenna and its surroundings. What's more: they are fun whatever the weather! You will only need a few minutes to immerse yourself in culture, history, nature and city life. Browse through our tips here and feel free to ask for many more on site.

Schenna Castle
Visiting the castle chambers

It will catch your eye before you even arrive in Schenna: the castle, built around 1350, which towers high above Meran. It houses weapons from six centuries, paintings by important European artists as well as furniture and artefacts from the everyday life of the past. Schenna Castle is still inhabited by descendants and can be visited several times a week.

The church hill
Schenna's unmistakable calling card

The church hill forms the centre of the village and consists of churches from various eras. The oldest among them is St. Martinskirche from the 12th century. The old parish church was built in the 13th century, followed by the neo-Gothic parish church, which was completed in 1931. This impressive scene is rounded off by the mausoleum, the burial place of Archduke Johann.

The gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
80 garden landscapes from all over the world

Stroll through blooming gardens, listen to the sounds of international artists by the water lily pond or visit the castle where Empress Sissi once resided and which is now home to the Museum of Tourism - the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle are always worth a visit and are only a few minutes drive away.

Spa town of Meran
Magnificent buildings, palm trees and promenades

There are so many places to discover in Meran. The promenades along the Passer river and the shops under the medieval arches. The Kurhaus and the many museums. The thermal baths and the famous Tappeinerweg. Thanks to the South Tyrol Guest Pass Schenna, the 20-minute bus ride to the city is free.

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